Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Gave Tearful Congratulatory Speech To Sojin On Wedding Day

Actress Sojin and actor Lee Dong-ha got married today

All Girl’s Day members were also present at the wedding ceremony.

On November 18th, while Sojin and Lee Dong-ha invited family members, relatives, and acquaintances from both families to her wedding in Seoul. The two reportedly had a small wedding and announced their new start in a simple way.

Girls’ Day members Hyeri, Minah, and Yura attended the wedding to wish the newlyweds a happy future.

In particular, singer Lee Rang posted a video showing Hyeri reading her congratulatory speech to the couple. Hyeri said, “If you miss me, please tell me anytime. I’ll be right there. My sunshine Sojin, please remember that everyone in the world is wishing you a happy marriage today.”

Yura and Minah also posted photos of them with So-jin in a wedding dress on social media, saying, “My prettiest sister in the world.”

In the photos released by the members, Sojin smiled brightly at the guests, wearing a white wedding dress. Her husband on the other hand wore a moving navy tuxedo and showed off his new groom’s handsomeness.

Meanwhile, Sojin and Lee Dong-ha announced their marriage through their agencies last month. At the time, Sojin revealed, “I value privacy, but I’m going to share good news with you ahead of a moment of great joy in my life. This coming November, I promised to spend my whole life with the person I love the most on Earth, Lee Dong-ha,” she said, receiving a lot of congratulations in announcing her marriage.

Lee Dong-ha also expressed his affection for Sojin, saying, “I want to continue to protect and love the person who has been supportive by my side for a long time and still has a lot to learn.”

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