The reason why Monika wore a black mask during the ‘Jessi’s new song’ mission

PROWDMON Monika showed her belief as a dancer in the team’s performance for the new mission of “Street Woman Fighter”

On October 5th, Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” released a video showing “Jessi’s New Song Choreography Creation Mission”. Six teams were evaluated by the public in advance through videos.

PROWDMON made their choreography based on the sword dance of an Asian assassin with a “cold-blooded” image. The dancers went on stage in modernized hanboks, and Monika, who plays Jessie, appeared in an all-black outfit with covered her face with a mask.

Unlike other dancers’ costumes with red details, Monika covered her face, and it was not easy to recognize her on stage. After watching the video, netizens started guessing the meaning hidden behind Monika’s outfit.

Recently, PROWDMON Rosy has explained the concept to fans in a chatroom. Rosy said, “Teacher Jeong-woo (Monika) looked so cool while wearing the mask. She could see other dancers well. That’s all that matters.” In fact, Monika wore a mask in purpose to focus the viewers’ attention on other dancers.

Then, Rosy continued to explain, “Some people said that she wore a mask to fight against Mnet”

Rosy said, “She didn’t wear an all-black outfit and a mask to hide the appearance of Jessi. Since this is just a choreography draft and Jessi has her own style, so we thought there was no need to imitate Jessi.”

She also added, “We intentionally prepared a performance that would stand out while filming the evaluation video.”

Upon hearing the explanation, netizens were impressed and touched by their idea. A netizen complimented, “On a stage where the dancer should be the main character, she wore the mask to play the role of the singer. It was because this mission was carried out for a singer. You really deserve to be respected.”

Meanwhile, the “Jessi’s New Song Choreography Creation Mission” of “Street Woman Fighter” will be aired on October 12th.

Source: Dispatch

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