Kim Hieora will host ‘SNL Korea 4’ after “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2”

Actress Kim Hieora, who gained attention after “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2”, will be the host for “SNL Korea 4”.

According to a report from OSEN on August 17th, Kim Hieora will host ‘SNL Korea 4’ after accepting the love call from the show’s production team. It is known that Kim Hieora and the “SNL Korea” crew will meet in September to proceed with the official recording.

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora left her mark by showing a strong maternal love via her role of a North Korean defector in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“. She then excelled as the school bully and drug addict Lee Sa Ra in the global Netflix hit “The Glory”, who tormented Song Hye Kyo’s character. 

kim hieora

Currently, Kim Hieora is receiving praise for her portrayal of the 3rd-level demon Gelli in the tvN weekend drama “The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch”. Despite being one of the main villains, she has gained viewers’ affection since her introduction in the show’s 2nd season. 

Additionally, she is participating in the musical “Frida”, and regularly taking the stage for performances.

Kim Hieora, who has risen to stardom through “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2”, is garnering attention as audiences wonder what kind of fiery transformation she will present in “SNL Korea 4”.

Meanwhile, Coupang Play”s “SNL Korea 4” is released every Saturday at 8 PM (KST).

Source: Daum

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