Kim Woo-bin ♥ Shin Min-ah → Ryu Jun-yeol ♥ Hye-ri… Long-lasting couples that keep fans waiting for their marriage news

As many stars have announced their marriage this year, fans are raising expectations for more couples to deliver good news soon.

Lots of couples have been seen co-starring in programs, traveling together, and taking proof shots with each other’s pets, etc. The dating style of stars seems to have changed 180 degrees nowadays. Whether they intentionally disclosed their relationship or not, the couples seem to enjoy dating openly and confidently after publicizing their relationship. 

Singer Se7en and actress Lee Da-hae, who have been dating for 7 years, made headlines earlier this year when they appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “The Manager” together. The two, who had never posted pictures taken together on SNS before, decided to reveal episodes of their first meeting and breakup crisis on the show. The two’s image of a lovely couple is beautiful, but it was their touching love story that drew sympathy from viewers. Since then Lee Da-hae has been continuing her public ‘Lovestagram’ with Se7en by posting photos of her boyfriend with her pet dog on SNS.

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Actor Kim Woo-bin and actress Shin Min-ah, who publicized their romantic relationship in 2015 and has been maintaining their strong love for 8 years, drew keen attention from fans as they were seen enjoying a date in Paris, France in September. In fantaken photos reminiscent of paparazzi cuts of Hollywood stars, the two looked sweet and warm together like all other ordinary couples. Even during the 6 years from 2017 that Kim Woo-bin struggled with nasopharynx cancer, Shin Min-ah stayed by his side. Fans were so happy to see the two give off a comfortable sense of stability and warmth like family members.

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Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah surprised everyone when they decided to portray different love lines in tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, which ended in June, showing an interesting scene among couples in the Korean drama industry. Unlike the situation in the past when open dating would be an obstacle to actors’ activities, stars’ romance is now a stepping stone for them to try various works and roles.

Hye Ri, a former member of idol girl group Girl’s Day, and actor Ryu Jun Yeol are also a long-term couple who have been dating publicly since 2017. The two met through tvN’s “Reply 1988,” which ended in 2016, and became a real-life couple soon after. Recently, Hye Ri sent an onsite coffee truck to Ryu Jun Yeol to celebrate his birthday. The banner “Dear Ryu Jun Yeol, happy birthday to you. From Jun Yeol’s No. 1 fan” showed off Hye Ri’s love for her boyfriend, which is thicker than coffee.

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Actor Lee Jung Jae and Daesang Group Vice Chairman Lim Se Ryeong are also a couple who cannot be left out among celebrity couples that are dating publicly. The two admitted their relationship in 2015 and have been dating for eight years. The couple attended the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony held in California on Oct 12th (local time). The scene of Lee Jung Jae holding Lim Se Ryeong’s hand tightly after winning the Best Actor Award for a drama series also drew applause.

In the past, a celebrity’s public dating relationship was considered a red light for their activities. Some stars have lost their popularity just with a photo of them dating even after years of activities, and in some cases, dating and marriage even gradually erased some stars from TV. However, the way celebrities date, the way fans love their idol, and the perception of the entertainment industry have changed. If the celebrity does their job well, dating acts as a synergy, not a problem. The image of a lovely girlfriend and a friendly boyfriend will even be a bonus. 

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