Jiyeon “Let’s survive and go out together”… Extreme survival in “Gangnam Zombie”

T-ara member-actress Jiyeon heralded a desperate battle with Ji Il-joo in the movie “Gangnam Zombie”.

“Gangnam Zombie” (directed by Lee Soo-sung) is a comic zombie action film about people who risk their lives to survive in Gangnam, which has become the center of chaos as people with unknown symptoms appear. It depicts the story of the life-threatening event of zombies occupying Gangnam, the center of Seoul, Korea.

ji il joo gangnam zombie

Ji Il-joo plays the role of Hyun-seok, a former backup national athlete who cannot stand injustice and dreamed of becoming a Taekwondo prospect. Jiyeon attempts a new acting transformation that has never been seen before by taking on the role of Min-jung, who fights to survive from the hunt of zombies.

Hyun-seok and Min-jung’s character posters released today (Nov 2nd) catch the eye by capturing their final struggle to survive in a building in the middle of Gangnam occupied by zombies. Hyun-seok, who leaves the chasing zombies behind and runs desperately, heralds an extreme survival war where he cannot relax for even a second.

t-ara jiyeon gangnam zombie

The copy “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely protect you” stimulates the curiosity of how Hyun-seok, a former backup national athlete, will break through this situation.

The appearance of Min-jung, who seems to be in a crisis while running away from the zombies that are chasing her, creates tension. The phrase “Let’s survive and go out together” adds curiosity about whether Hyun-seok and Min-jung will be able to survive in front of the sudden attack of zombies.

“Gangnam Zombie” is set to be released on Nov 30th.

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