Ahead of wedding with Hwang Jae-gyun… T-ara Jiyeon’s “Gangnam Zombie” to be released in November

T-ara member-actress Jiyeon announced her screen comeback with the movie “Gangnam Zombie”.

“Gangnam Zombie” (directed by Lee Soo-sung) is a comic zombie action film about people who risk their lives to survive in Gangnam, which has become the center of chaos as people with unknown symptoms appear.

Gangnam Zombie

It was confirmed to be released on Nov 30th. A teaser trailer showing the desperate survival battle in a chaotic situation was unveiled.

The teaser trailer is set in a building in the middle of Gangnam occupied by zombies. It captures the audience’s attention by showing the desperate struggle of people in a whirlpool of chaos in a confined space.

First, it heightens the sense of crisis by showing Ji Il-joo and Jiyeon, who must survive in front of the sudden attack of a group of zombies. Then, the threatening chase of zombies running in groups and people who quickly became infected with the virus and turned into zombies evokes chills.

Gangnam Zombie

Hyun-suk (Ji Il-joo) and Min-jung (Park Ji-yeon), who fight by any means to survive, create a suffocating tension and make it impossible to close your eyes. In particular, Jiyeon’s rough weapon using heralds an intense and challenging charm and stimulates curiosity.

Gangnam Zombie

When Min-jung, who got frightened by the situation, asked, “What should we do now?”, Hyun-suk tried to reassure her, saying “I’ll protect you. You trust me, right?”. The scene of zombies running after the two heralds an endless bloody struggle waiting for them and thrills the viewers.

Meanwhile, Jiyeon is about to get married to KT Wiz’s professional baseball player Hwang Jae-gyun in December.

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