BTS RM: “The UN speech, I was really confused, am I a diplomat or what?”

BTS RM confessed the confusion and burden he felt after his speech for the UN.

On Oct 1st (local time), Rolling Stone released an interview between BTS leader RM and American rapper Pharrell Williams.

In the interview, RM said, “As a team, we’ve been to the U.N., and we also met President Biden. We never thought these things would happen, but I think naturally we became one of the representatives from the Asian community. I’m always thinking to myself, ‘Am I that good? Do I deserve all the responsibilities?’ And I’m really doubting myself,” he shared, before asking Pharrell Williams about how he takes his moral responsibility.


Farrell Williams said: “I mean, the work that I do, there’s always a circumstance. Either I’d say some dumb shit and then regret it later, or there’s been a time when I have a record that sort of affected a certain portion of a demographic. So then it made me think about things differently. And then I go set up a nonprofit and act against the ignorance that I was a part of. And educate myself, enlighten myself.”

BTS RM Pharrell Williams

RM recalled when he first performed in front of 10 people in a small club when he was 15. “We had a stadium show in Las Vegas last April. Every night is a challenge,” he said. “I got really nervous and so responsible. Fans buy the tickets and they come from Brazil, Japan, Korea, everywhere. They come there just for that one night. It fills me like I have to pay back,” he said.

RM then said, “It was not our intention, but we actually became a sort of social figures, but we took it. A K-pop band, having a speech at the UN or meeting the president. I was really confused, like ‘What am I? A Diplomat or what?’.”

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