Se7en sweetly hugs Lee Da-hae’s puppy in his arms… Lovely moments of a 7-year couple

Actress Lee Da-hae and singer Se7en showed off their unchanging affection for each other.

On October 24th, Lee Da-hae posted several photos on her Instagram account of her puppy along with the caption “My forever beauty rival. You don’t really like me but why does Se7en like me so much???”

lee da hae

In the photo, Se7en is holding Lee Da-hae’s puppy in his arms with loving eyes. A daily life moment of a long-term couple enjoying a date with their puppy warms netizens’ hearts. 


Netizens showed reactions such as “Both of them look young”, “Grayton Mom and Dad have a good weekend”.

lee da hae se7en 16012022 2

 Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae and Se7en have been dating publicly since 2016. The two appeared together on the MBC entertainment show ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ and became a hot topic when they honestly confessed from their first date to the crisis of breaking up.

Source: Nate

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