Kpop and K-drama stars who are praised for appearances at weddings: BLACKPINK keeps it simple, Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin showed elegance

BLACKPINK, SNSD, Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin, BTS, as well as other Korean celebrities are praised for their proper actions while attending weddings

Korean netizens are highly judgemental about every single move of their celebrities. Therefore, Korean stars are always careful at events, and weddings are no exception. Below are some prime examples of stars maintaining their good images while attending weddings. 


In May 2019, 4 BLACKPINK members attended the wedding of Jisoo’s older brother. The famous girl group showed up in simple and dark costumes, as well as simple and natural makeup looks.

At the wedding, the 4 female idols have successfully transformed from chic and luxurious superstars like in their MV and big events, into cute and friendly “girls next door.” With such appearances, netizens praised BLACKPINK as thoughtful guests, seeing that they actively chose simple outfits and makeup so as not to steal the bride’s spotlight.

blackpink jisoo

In addition, the fact that Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé all attended Jisoo’s brother’s wedding also served to prove the close sisterhood between BLACKPINK members, as well as repel antifans’ rumors about conflict between the groups. 

On another occasion, Jennie attended the wedding of her pilates teacher. Here, the BLACKPINK member continued to keep it simple to make the bride shine the most on her big day. When taking photos, Jennie also kept it simple and made herself small to not take any spotlight.

blackpink jisoo


In July 2018, BTS attended the wedding of a close manager. The group was praised a lot when they appeared in simple costumes to avoid outshining the bride and groom on their big day. Also in this event, the world-famous boy group delivered a performance of their hit “DNA” to stir up the atmosphere.

bts staff wedding

Far from their usual classy images on the red carpet, BTS donned simple clothings, giving off a friendly and natural vibe. 


In May 2020, SNSD members (except for Tiffany who was abroad at the time) came to celebrate the wedding of their former manager. The group not only made an appearance but also sang for the bride and groom the then viral song “Kissing You”, and added fun to the event. 

snsd staff wedding

Furthermore, the girl group also went for simple outfits and light makeup, if not wearing their bare face. Hearing about this, netizens poured in praise for the SNSD members, who put the bride and groom first and helped the couple to shine spectacularly in the group photo.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin

On October 15, Son Ye Jin was spotted at the wedding of an acquaintance. On the same day, Hyun Bin attended the wedding of Lee Jong Seok, the director of the movie “The Negotiation”. This is the movie that marks the first time Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin became on-screen co-stars, so Lee Jong Seok is considered a “matchmaker” for the couple.

son ye jin
Son Ye Jin attended an acquaintance’s wedding

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin attending two separate weddings on the same day also shows how caring they are. The couple did not miss any wedding of their friends. Moreover, if they appeared together at the same place, the top star couple would have probably captured all the attention.  Therefore, they opted for a smart solution so as not to take the spotlight from the bride and groom.

hyun bin
On the same day, Hyun Bin went to director Lee Jong Seok’s wedding

Gong Yoo

hyun bin son ye jin

In March of this year, Gong Yoo attended the wedding of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. Not only appearing as a guest, the actor even enthusiastically helped spread flowers when the two main characters entered the wedding hall. Gong Yoo’s adorable enthusiasm received many compliments from netizens.

Source: Naver, sina

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