Former Lovelyz member Jin deleted her controversial Q&A video about idol dating and apologized

Jin (Park Myung Eun), a former member of Lovelyz, eventually deleted her content video about idols’ romantic relationships. 

On February 5th, Jin released an explanation on her Instagram, saying “Before posting the recent Q&A video, I received many questions through Instagram and most of them were about dating issues”.

She continued, “The purpose of the video was to solve everyone’s curiosity so I thought about answering the questions by keeping my own line. I didn’t think that it would cause such a big misunderstanding and controversy.”

Lovelyz Jin

Jin apologized, “I was so thoughtless. Whether I intended to do it or not, it was obviously my mistake that created room for misinterpretation. I’m sorry for causing a stir”.

Previously, Jin posted a video titled “Idol Life Q&A” on her own YouTube channel Myungnee. In the video, she reveals that many idols date through waiting time for weekly music shows, “Idol Star Athletics Championships” recordings, or introductions of acquaintances. 

Lovelyz Jin

Jin said, “No matter how busy and difficult it is (to be dating), idols who want to date still do it well in secrecy.” 

Some netizens who watched the video expressed their displeasure at Jin’s generalization of idol dating. They also pointed out that other idols, including Lovelyz members, could be misunderstood by Jin’s remarks. 

On the other hand, there are reactions defending Jin such as: 

  • “Isn’t this something everyone knows?” 
  • “She was just telling a general story, but you guys get overly sensitive about idol dating” 
  • “People making a fuss over what Jin said as if it’s not something we already know”
  • “I feel sorry for Jin”

As the controversy grew, Jin eventually deleted the video.

Source: nate

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