PSY suddenly made headlines for releasing a Squid Game-Style poster! What’s going on?

Singer and producer Psy heralds the upcoming project of a P NATION artist with a Squid Game style poster!

On the afternoon of October 2nd, PSY and P NATION unexpectedly released an image with the text “COMING UP NEXT” on their official SNS, hinting at their artists’ comeback.

psy squid game

The released image includes a text with the font of the Netflix original series “Squid Game” and a screen reminiscent of the episode of the dalgona game. At the same time, the release date and time of “2021.10.12 6PM KST” have been revealed. However, no shape has been stamped on the dalgona yet, piquing the public’s curiosity.

psy squid game

Currently, netizens are extremely curious about the meaning of this poster. Will P NATION’s upcoming production be related to “Squid Game”, the movie that is being loved around the world. Who will be P NATION’s next runner after Hyun-ah & Dawn, who recently completed their first duet activities?

psy squid game

Source: Daeum

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