Apink’s agency, “Fanmeeting postponed due to Park Cho-rong’s cervical pain in a car accident on her way home from work”

Apink’s fanmeeting was reportedly postponed as leader Park Cho-rong suffered aftereffects of a traffic accident.

On September 28th, Apink’s agency IST Entertainment released an announcement on Apink’s official fancafe, sayingApink’s CHOBOM Bangkok fanmeeting, which was scheduled for October 1st, has been postponed due to the artist’s health reasons”.

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According to IST, Park Cho-rong had a car accident on her way home after practicing for the performance at the agency’s practice room at around 10 p.m on September 21st. The minor traffic accident occurred due to poor driving of the rear vehicle. Park Cho-rong also reported her pain near the cervical spine after the accident.

The agency explained, “Park Cho-rong carried out the performance in Japan with her strong will then returned to Korea to receive hospital treatment, sufficient rest, and stability. However, since the degree of the pain has become more severe, the Bangkok performance was inevitably postponed as the specialist advised that the artist should take a rest”.

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Park Cho-rong’s group Apink celebrated their 11th debut anniversary this year by releasing the new album “HORN” and the title song “Dilemma” in February. Park Cho-rong then made her debut in Apink’s unit CHOBOM together with member Yoon Bo-mi on July 12th.

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