Each photo on Jennie’s Instagram account revealed to be worth about 4.3 billion won

A photo posted by BLACKPINK’s Jennie is estimated to make more than 4 billion won.

According to a survey by the data company Launch Metrics reported by JoongAng Ilbo on September 28th, Jennie’s media impact after attending the Channel Show in March this year was 3.6 million dollars, which was about 4.3 billion won at that time. 

In the same month, the live broadcast of the Dior Paris Collection attended by Jisoo recorded 140 million views. At that time, the media impact value of a photo posted on Jisoo’s Instagram was 1.74 million dollars (about 2 billion won).

BLACKPINK’s global impact is also revealed through the number of their Youtube subscribers. BLACKPINK’s channel has 81.8 million subscribers on Youtube. It ranks 1st among channels of artists all over the world and 11th among all Youtube channels.


BLACKPINK’s Youtube channel has 10 million subscribers more than that of BTS’s channel (70.8 million). Compared to the channel “Shin Saimdang”, a channel with 1.8 million subscribers that recently made headlines for being sold at 2 billion won, the number of BLACKPINK’s Youtube subcribers is 45 times higher. 

According to the influencer data analysis site Nox Influencer, each video on BLACKPINK’s Youtube channel generates more than 2 billion won in advertising revenue.


Announcing their comeback with the pre-release song “Pink Venom” on the 19th of last month, BLACKPINK has attracted more than 2.4 million subscribers for their Youtube channel within the past month. It is estimated that the girl group earned at least 2.4 billion won in profits from videos uploaded within that period of time. 

Source: wikitree

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