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EXO Xiumin “Suho is preparing to become SM’s next director… I’ll ask him to change the schedule car”

Xiumin was confident that Suho would be the most likely to become SM’s next director among EXO members.

EXO Xiumin, who released his first solo album “Brand New”, appeared as a guest on the Sep 28th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope”.

When asked whether he likes drinking alone or hanging out and eating with people, Xiumin replied, “Actually, if there’s alcohol, any choice is fine.”

Kim Shin-young asked, “Who has the lowest drinking capacity among the members?” Xiumin answered, “I think Baekhyun is the weakest. His face turns bright red even after one drink. I think alcohol doesn’t suit him.”

Xiumin moved on to talk about his album. He talked about his solo debut 10 years after EXO’s debut, “I didn’t plan for 10 years.”

He confessed, “I really wanted to do it. It’s been more than 3 and a half years since I stopped being a singer, including the military service period. After I was discharged, the members enlisted, so I was unable to do EXO activities. Because of my long hiatus as a singer, I decided to do it. What a coincidence, it’s my 10th debut anniversary. Therefore, I prepared the album with the thought ‘I must release it this year’.”

When asked if there were many songs in the album, Xiumin drew admiration as he said, “There were more than 100 songs for me to pick. I selected 5 among them.”

exo xiumin

Regarding the question “To me, Kwangya is?”, Xiumin shared, “Thinking in a slightly positive way, Kwangya is an unknown world where I can build new things.” Kim Shin-young applauded Xiumin’s most positive interpretation so far and called him “SM’s next director”.

Xiumin collaborated with NCT Mark for the second time in 5 years through the b-side track “How We Do” in his solo mini-album. He said, “We worked together through ‘Young & Free’. When I heard ‘How We Do’ 5 years later, I thought it would be difficult to digest because there were many rap parts, so I thought I should do it with someone. The only person that came to mind was Mark. I thought it would be great to work with Mark once again as his skills improved dramatically and he became sexier and manlier. I wanted ‘How We Do’ to be me and Mark’s song, not mine.”

He continued, “Mark wrote the rap lyrics. He did the rap making. In the middle of the song, he told me, ‘Please say my name.’ There’s a part where I say ‘Mark yah’. I was a bit embarrassed. Mark went ‘Okay brother’ coolly, but I was a little embarrassed to say ‘Mark yah’ alone.”

exo xiumin

Afterwards, Xiumin promised to “show his super cuteness” if he wins No.1 on the music show. Of course, he revealed that he was preparing hard for the ending fairy pose, raising expectations. When Kim Shin-young advised him to ask Key for the ending pose, Xiumin provoked laughter by honestly saying, “I can’t keep up with his energy because we have different tendencies.”

He then mentioned “Suho” as the most likely to become SM’s next director among EXO members. He said, “Suho has already been trying to become a director for a long time.” When asked what he would like to ask first as an artist if Suho became the director, Xiumin showed his belief, “Please change the schedule car to something better. He’ll probably do it for me.”

The member that Xiumin thinks takes care of himself the best was Sehun. He praised Sehun, “He’s the youngest, but he’s not like the youngest. He’s the opposite of me. Sehun is the maknae on top in EXO. He’s loyal and cool.” 

He recalled, “Sehun made a surprise appearance when I filmed the music video.” He also picked Sehun as the member he would like to take care of. He created a warm atmosphere, “Sehun takes care of me a lot. Thinking the other way around, I want to take care of Sehun more.”

Source: Daum

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