AOA’s former manager revealed Jimin’s true personality, “She was the person who cheered me up the most”

People have recently recalled AOA’s former manager’s comment on Jimin.

On September 10, a post was uploaded on an online community titled “AOA‘s manager’s comment on Jimin and Mina“.

The post included the content of a podcast called Song Eun I & Kim Sook‘s confidentiality” hosted by Song Eun I and Kim Sook in 2016.

AOA's former manager revealed Jimin's true personality, "She was the person who cheered me up the most."

During the podcast, Song Eun I said her manager used to be in charge of AOA since their debut. In response, Kim Suk said, “Everyone knows AOA members have good personalities, but maybe the manager would have a different point of view. So which member has the best personality?”

Manager A said, “Leader Jimin was the person who cheered me up the most gave me lots of strength. When I was trying to clean something, she told me not to do that alone and called the girls to come and do it with me. During the time that we lived together, I didn’t have to do the laundry or cleaning. The girls did them all.”

Song Eun I agreed and said, “Jimin played such an important role in AOA‘s success.“. Kim Sook turned to manager A and said, “You must have liked Jimin a lot because she did everything so well.

A recalled the past stories and said, “When AOA achieved their 1st win, I was working as Juniel’s manager. During Juniel‘s fan signing event in Hong Kong, the girls kept calling me. When I picked up, they bragged about their 1st win. I was so emotional, but Juniel was signing in front of me. I felt sorry because I couldn’t hold my tears. Therefore, I kept crying behind her back.

Meanwhile, Dispatch recently caused a stir by releasing the transcript of the dialog between AOA members and Kwon Mina the day they gathered at Kwon Mina‘s house.

The transcripts contained Jimin‘s apology to Kwon Mina, the story of how other members were trying to mediate the conflict between them, and Kwon Mina‘s abusive messages towards Jimin.

In addition, controversy related to Kwon Mina is mounting over the rise of Kwon Mina‘s allegedly being bossy towards her manager.

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