Han Ji Min reacts wittily to Lee Seo Jin saying she treats him harshly, “Your misfortune is my happiness” 

Han Ji Min showed off her sense of humor. 

On November 10, Han Ji Min posted a photo on her Instagram story. The photo is a screen capture of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” broadcast on November 9th. Two-shots of Lee Seo Jin and Han Ji Min when they appeared together on “Three Meals a Day” were included.

Han Ji Min’s sense of humor stands out, as she added the caption “Your misfortune is my happiness” and the nodding sticker saying “yes“.

han ji min

Earlier, Lee Seo Jin appeared on “You Quiz on the Block” and said, “I don’t even think that Han Ji Min really thinks of me as a separate person. She treats me harshly.”

Also, he joked, “We joked around a lot while filming. But as I get older and become weaker, I’m losing a lot to Jimin. It’s very hard nowadays to meet her personally.”

Source: Nate

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