Here’s the charming actor who will play Suzy’s love interest in her next K-drama 

After “Anna”, Suzy will star in “The Girl Downstairs” alongside this actor. 

“The Girl Downstairs” is the next drama of the “nation’s first love” Suzy after “Anna”. The casting for the male lead of “The Girl Downstairs” has been confirmed to be Yang Se Jong. He is 2 years older than Suzy.

Suzy is said to suit Lee Doo Na’s image perfectly 

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “The Girl Downstairs” tells the story of a beautiful female idol who decides to withdraw from the entertainment industry and an ordinary college student. Two people who seem like they belong to different worlds, accidentally become roommates and begin to develop feelings for each other. Suzy will play the female lead Lee Doo Na, a pretty former idol with a mysterious past while Yang Se Jong will transform into the male lead Lee Won Joon.

yang se jong
Yang Se Jong also resembles his webtoon counterpart 

Lee Doo Na seems to be a role made for Suzy since she is an idol-turned actress in real life. Recently, Suzy has left a good impression on viewers with her acting in “Anna”, thus raising expectations for her next work. 

yang se jong
Yang Se Jong has been loved since “Dr.  Romantic”

Yang Se Jong’s acting career has only lasted for 6 years, but his skills have been well recognized. Graduating from Korea National University of Arts, majoring in Theater and Film, right after debuting, Yang Se Jong had the opportunity to participate in big projects. His debut role in “Dr. Romantic” helped him rise to fame and drew much praise. 

yang se jong

After only a year, Yang Se Jong landed his first lead role in “Temperature of Love”, in which he starred alongside Seo Hyun Jin. The drama became a success and made Yang Se Jong one of the most popular rookie actors of 2017. However, amid his growing popularity, Yang Se Jong had to enlist in the military. Since “Temperature of Love” until now, he has only appeared in 3 works, including 2 lead roles and a cameo appearance in “Dr. Romantic 2”. 

yang se jong

It has been more than 2 years that the audience has not seen Yang Se Jong on the screen. Due to this, his reputation has decreased quite a lot. Viewers are hoping that his post-discharge return to “The Girl Downstairs” alongside Suzy will once again boost his popularity. 

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