Yoo Il Han, “G-Dragon is my father’s close friend. He brags about G-Dragon more than me”

Yoo Il Han revealed that his father and G-Dragon are best friends

The MBN entertainment program “Hot Goodbye,” which aired on December 18, featured actor Yoo Il Han, Hwang Bo-ra and Tae Hang-ho.

Yoo Il Han, who has been active as an unknown actor for 21 years, said he came from a famous acting academy that was called the gateway to becoming a star. He also read the script for “Shiri” and appeared in “Kick the Moon,” drawing attention.

yoo il han g dragon
yoo il han g dragon

When the MCs asked, “Do you have another top-star friend?”, Yoo Il Han revealed, “Like people often say “mother’s friend’s son” (an expression used when parents compare their children), G-Dragon is definitely “father’s friend’s son.”

yoo il han g dragon

“I don’t keep in touch with G-Dragon, but my fathers keep in touch with him. It’s ridiculous for me to compare me with G-Dragon, but my father says, ‘My friend’s son is Ji-yong’ rather than my story,’ adding  “I’m not sad, but I’m so sorry. As a son, I want to make him proud of his children,” he said.

Source: Daum

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