Bae Jung-nam’s serious confession “I feel like my heart is breaking and the sky is falling down”

Model Bae Jung-nam moved everyone to tears with the news of his dog’s struggle against disease.

On August 27th, Bae Jung-nam posted a long piece of writing on his Instagram, “I want to show only Bell’s healthy and pretty side, but I can’t.”

He continued, “There are many people who like and support Bell, so I’m letting you know. Bell had an acute disc and couldn’t move or stand.”

He expressed his heartbreak, “Bell is very nice and bright. I feel like my heart is breaking and the sky is falling down. I feel guilty because I think it’s all my fault.”

He added, “Fortunately, the surgery ended well. It’s a major surgery, and I’m so proud of Bell for enduring it well. Bell was discharged from the hospital. Now I have to do my best to help it rehabilitate. I hope it can get healthy again and walk as soon as possible. I’ll also brace myself.”

Previously, Bae Jung-nam received a lot of attention and love by sharing his daily life with his dog Bell through Instagram.

Source: wikitree

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