aespa was criticized for being boring in a fashion advertising photo series, way behind this female dancer

The female dancer is receiving a lot of compliments because the photo set is so charismatic, so different from aespa.

As one of the 4th generation girl groups that are highly appreciated for their beauty, aespa‘s magazine photos, album concept photos or advertisements have all received special attention from the Kpop fan community. However, recently, when the brand Eider released a set of promotional photos with a new face, Noze, many netizens began to compare the charisma of the group and the female dancer. 

Some Korean netizens do not deny the beauty of aespa, but they think that the group’s poses are not good and their facial expressions are not diverse and attractive to viewers. 

The group photo looks pretty boring even though the girls' visuals are all very good
The group photo looks pretty boring even though the girls’ visuals are all very good

But Noze brings a completely different feeling from aespa. Some say that Noze‘s pictures look modern and attractive. In addition, she also knows how to show a beautiful angle for her face, a variety of poses and shows flexibility. 

Besides, there are also some people who expressed that because aespa and Noze‘s photography concepts are different, it’s not difficult to understand why they bring different feeling for viewers. aespa‘s concept is more student-oriented with pure colors while Noze‘s brings a cool and more trendy look.  

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