Kep1er unveils teaser for their own entertainment content, “KEPtain Heroes”

Girl group Kep1er will be meeting global fans with a new self-produced content.

On the afternoon of October 2st, Kep1er (Choi Yujin, Shaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih, Seo Youngeun, Kang Yeseo) released the teaser video and episode 1 of their self produced content “KEPtain Heroes” through their official SNS and YouTube channel.

In the released teaser, the Kep1er members raised expectations as they gathered together with items that symbolize each of them, and which appeared in the concept photo of the 3rd mini album “TROUBLESHOOTER”.

Next, in the trailer for episode 1, the members gathered at the hero certification exam hall on the day of the hero exam. The video introduced the hero weapons and features of Mashiro, Kim Dayeon, and Kang Yeseo, who arrived first, and stimulated curiosity about what would happen in the main story, which is about to be released.

Kep1er Trouble Shooter

Kep1er’s own content “KEPtain Heroes” is a content that contains the adventures of Kep1er members to become heroes.

kep1er keptain heroes

In particular, while anticipating synergy with the members’ special chemistry, Kep1er is expected to deliver a special gift to fans by releasing the charms of nine people with an overflowing sense of entertainment.

kep1er keptain heroes

“KEPtain Heroes” will be released for the first time on Kep1er’s official YouTube channel on the afternoon of October 28th, and will be uploaded every other Friday at 10 PM (KST).

On the other hand, Kep1er released their third mini-album ‘TROUBLESHOOTER’ on October 13th and is actively meeting fans with the title song “We Fresh”.

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