Netizens pointed out the best Korean movie in history. The creepy violence and the twist made everyone obsessed!

First released in 2003, this Korean film quickly became extremely famous across Asia and was also remade by Hollywood.

Currently, Korean cinema owns a remarkable position in the Asian market, even some European and American countries thanks to a series of films known for its high quality, which are highly appreciated by critics such as Parasite, Train To Busan, etc. … Especially, there is a movie title that has always been called “the summit of Korean cinema” even though it was released 18 years ago, but received compliments from the audience for its excellent content.

First released in 2003, “Oldboy” directed by Park Chan Wook has quickly gained success throughout Asia. The film has a lot of top-notch fighting combat scenes that are difficult for any Korean producer to do at that time and action scenes with 18+ standards, definitely not suitable for the faint-hearted audience. Besides excellent visuals is an explosive, unpredictable twist at the end – the factor that probably made “Oldboy” enter the list of the best movies of all time.

Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) was unexpectedly locked in an old room after drinking and quarreling with others, he was able to communicate with the outside only through an old-fashioned TV. While he was being confined, he heard that his wife had died and that his only daughter had been taken to Sweden for adoption. After 15 years, Dae Su was suddenly released and he began to make a meticulous plan of revenge. But unfortunately, he did not figure out that he had fallen into a terrible trap that the enemy had set up previously.

“Oldboy” was remade and released by Hollywood in 2013. However, the Korean version is still a monument with the audience and it will be difficult for any version to do the same.

 Comments from audiences:

  • This is actually the best Korean movie I’ve ever seen.
  • The dialogue in this film is profound and satirical.
  • Oh, it’s extremely appealing. But I didn’t dare to watch it again because it was too dark.
  • Watching this movie, you won’t be able to breathe comfortably, the movie circuit is tense from the first minute to the last minute, the plot twist is very haunting, everyone’s ending is full of tragedy. The whole movie, from the main character to the enemy, are monsters, but no one is good or bad anymore.
  • The American version is also shocking but the Korean version made audience more obsessed.
  • It’s been 5 years and I still can’t watch it. Maybe wait 10 years to see if it’s less obsessive.

Source: K14

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