Keeping the same format, “Single’s Inferno” heralds a hotter dating variety show with Season 2

Netflix’s entertainment program “Single’s Inferno” is returning with Season 2 this December.

While the craze of dating reality programs uiwth various formats and concepts continues, “Single’s Inferno”, which attracted viewers around the world with its hot single casts and their honest and bold emotional expressions, will release Season 2 on December 13th.

The production team plans to expand the spectrum of dating reality shows with deeper stories and narratives that can increase viewers’ immersion.

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“Single’s Inferno” is a sincere and passionate dating reality program in which single men and women are taken to a remote island called “Hell Island” where they can only escape as a couple. 

Season 2 will be carried out with “Hell Island” and “Heaven Island” in the same way as Season 1’s format. In particular, with the same rules that everything on “Hell Island” is self-sufficient and that the ages and occupations of the cast members are not disclosed, the single men and women who participated in the program are allowed to focus entirely on each other’s performances on the show only.

single inferno 2

According to the production team, the hot young men and women in Season 2 already knew the rules of “Hell Island” and “Heaven Island” through Season 1, so they immersed themselves in the “Single’s Inferno” world faster than those in the previous season. In addition, the speed and changes in their emotions were also boosted. This speedy development is considered one of the unique points that attract viewers to watch “Single’s Inferno 2”. 

The most interesting charm of Season 2 is the complex emotions and situations derived from the simple setting when the singles stay on “Hell Island” after couples go to “Heaven Island”. The real appearances of young men and women who experience various unexpected situations and emotions every moment will make viewers cry and laugh a lot.

single inferno 2

“Single’s Inferno 2” will prove the essence of a dating reality program by creating deep immersion and drawing empathy with emotions that anyone would have felt once in their life. This entertainment series will once again captivate global viewers through more interesting narratives and unpredictable whirlwinds of emotions.

Season 2 of “Single’s Inferno” will be available on Netflix on December 13th.

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