Movie Makers Need To Pay Up To 100M Won To Promote Their Movies On Celebrities’s YouTube Channels 

“We have to pay tens of millions of won to appear on popular YouTube Channels,” say movie producers.

Nowadays, actors are promoting their movies or dramas through a number of popular YouTube channels. Unlike broadcasting channels, appearing on this platform requires tens of millions of won to up to 100 million won.

Celebrities and YouTubers have recently enjoyed a second heyday by opening channels on YouTube based on their high profile and hot popularity.

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In other words, they are earning double income, from millions of subscribers and from content views, along with “appearance fees” given by movie producers who are in urgent need of publicity for their new movies.

An official who is about to release a new movie said, “We might have to pay 100 million won to appear on a channel with 3 million subscribers.

This means that in order to appear on a channel run by the former singer or an MC and talk only about the new production, the production team and the distributor of the work must pay an appearance fee. It is the opposite of the structure in which celebrities received fees for appearing on existing terrestrial and cable channel entertainment shows.

The official said, “They don’t unconditionally receive 100 million won. We can pay less than that amount because we can bargain. If you are an actor who is close to the channel operator, you may appear for free.

However, there is nothing special about YouTube channels created by popular singers and entertainers. Each time, they invite a few celebrities to eat delicious food, drink, and talk about their personal stories.

Although it is a YouTube world that has already become a red ocean, these kinds of shows are still popular because they distinguish between what you like and what you hate, and what you can do well. Above all, there are no regulations or conditions like terrestrial broadcasting stations, so even if the actors make unconventional comments, viewers can laugh it off. 

Sources: naver

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