Rosé released On The Ground MV, broke the world premiere record for a soloist, showing off her top-notch visuals

 After all, Rosé officially made her solo debut with the single album -R- and On The Ground MV.

 At 0AM EST on March 12, Rosé officially released the MV for On The Ground – the title song of the single album -R-.  Fans have been waiting for the solo debut of BLACKPINK’s main vocal for 3 years, and she has received even greater expectations when this is the first time she took part in the composing process.  Rosé participated in writing the lyrics of both the title On The Ground and the b-side song Gone.

 The title song On The Ground belongs to the pop rock genre, sung by Rosé in 100% English.  The song starts with the pounding guitar sound, the instruments emphasize her unique vocals, Rosé also shows off a bit rap. However, among the initial reactions to On The Ground, most comments said that the song is not strong enough to impress and become viral. The song gives off strong vibes of Western artists’ music, but lacks a climax. Moreover, since the song is in full English, it would be harder for Rosé to top the charts in the Korean market.

 Through On The Ground, the female singer wants to convey the message: “I always work hard to reach the top, but the most important values ​​are right in front of my eyes”, thereby helping listeners realize what we are missing out on as we live in this generation.

 Like what has been revealed through the 2 teasers, On The Ground MV is filled with extremely aesthetic scenes, a burned limousine appeared right from the start. Rosé has a classy and lovely figure like a noble lady. She changed lots of outfits, making viewers dazzle with her top visuals.

 Like BLACKPINK’s MVs, On The Ground was also first published through live premiere. The MV had about 1.2 million premiere viewers displayed on YouTube. With this number, Rosé set a new record as a soloist with the most MV viewers in the world when it premiered. Fans are now just waiting for YouTube’s confirmation.

 Top 10 MV with the highest premiere views

 1. Life Goes On – BTS: 3.1 million

 2. Dynamite – BTS: 2.9 million 

 3. Ice Cream – BLACKPINK: 1.79 million 

 4. Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK: 1.7 million 

 5. How You Like That – BLACKPINK: 1.66 million 

 6. ON – BTS: 1.5 million 

 7. On The Ground – Rosé: 1.2 million 

 8. Kill This Love – BLACKPINK: 979,000

 9. Maybe Love Is Here – Sơn Tùng M-TP: 901,000

 10. thank u, next – Ariana Grande: 829,000

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