Received awards at Circle Music Awards but neither aespa nor NCT mentioned ‘teacher Lee Soo-man’ in their acceptance speeches

Maybe it’s because of SM’s ‘civil war’, which is causing a huge craze, that SM artists didn’t mention Lee Soo-man.

On the afternoon of the 18th, aespa and NCT won the Digital Song Division of the Year and Physical Album Division of the Year for the first quarter, respectively, at the ‘Circle Chart Music Awards 2022’ held at KSPO Dome (Gymnastics Stadium) in Bangi-dong, Seoul.

aespa Circle Music Awards

Aespa, who was named the July honoree for the ‘Artist of the Year’ award in the digital song category, said, “First of all, we want to thank all the people who support and love us. Thank you for loving the ‘Girls’ album so much last year.” She continued, “No matter what activities we do in the future, we will come back with great music, so please give us a lot of attention. We thank our company members, older sisters, and older brothers, and ask for your continued support.”

aespa Circle Music Awards

Aespa said, “We are thankful to our fans who support us more than anyone else. We will definitely come back this year with good songs, so please look forward to it. Please also look forward to next week’s concert,” they added.

Representing NCT, Doyoung, took the stage and said, “I am very grateful to receive this award. Thank you on behalf of the NCT members who unfortunately could not attend due to their schedules.” He continued, “NCT receiving this great award is thanks to the fans who support us and our members. I also think it’s thanks to the hyungs and noonas who have been with us for a long time. We will work hard without being swayed by anything as long as we have our hyungs and noonas.” He also promised, “NCT will become cooler and grow more this year. Please look forward to this year’s NCT.”

NCT Doyoung Circle Music Awards

One noticeable point was that there was no mention of Lee Soo-man, the former overall producer of SM, who used to appear like a regular whenever SM artists won an award in any category. SM artists have consistently expressed their gratitude to “Teacher Lee Soo-man” in their acceptance speeches for both big and small awards in the past. However, amidst the current internal conflict within SM and the suspicion of overseas tax evasion through a foreign corporation, with Lee transferring his shares to HYBE, his name was missing in the acceptance speeches of SM artists. 

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