Go Doo Shim’s granddaughter who is so good at crying in ‘Our Blues’ turns out to be this actor’s younger sister

‘Our Blues’ child actress Ki So You, who plays Son Eun Ki, impressed viewers with her emotional acting. 

The latest episode of tvN’s ongoing weekend drama ‘Our Blues‘, which was broadcast on May 29th, focused on the story of Hyeon Choon Hui (Go Doo Shim) and her granddaughter Son Eun Ki (Ki So You). 

Ki So You

Eun Ki was dropped off at her grandmother’s house in Jeju Island when Man Su (Kim Jung Hwan), Choon Hui’s son, was in a car accident. Perhaps because of the sudden breakup with her mother Hae Sun (Min Ji Ah), Eun Ki was upset with her grandmother and complained about side dishes.

Ki So You

Eun Ki burst into tears when she heard her friend say, “Her mother abandoned her”. This scene left a great impression because of Ki So You’s emotional acting at such a young age. Viewers are amazed and find it unbelievable that she is a child actor.

Ki So You

Ki So You was born in 2017 and only turns 5 years old this year. A child who has yet to even enter elementary school showed a heart-wrenching performance that moved viewers to tears. As a result, netizens’ reactions exploded.

Ki So You

Moreover, Ki So You is known as the younger sister of child actor Ki Eun Yu, who plays Jang Joon, the son of Jang Young Guk (In Gyo Jin) and Yeo Hwa Jung (Lee Bong Ryun) in tvN’s ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha‘. Like his sister, Ki Eun Yu received much love for his portrayal of an elementary school student who grows up with divorced parents in ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’. 

Ki So You

Netizens left comments upon knowing Ki So You and Ki Eun Yu are real-life siblings:

  • “I found Ki So You familiar for a reason. I knew ‘ve seen that face somewhere”, 
  • “Both the siblings are so good at acting”
  • “They are both talented actors at such a young age”
  • “They are really good at crying scenes. Like brother like sister”

Source: Insight

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