“Juvenile Justice” Jung Soo-bin replaces Kim Sae-ron in SBS’ new drama “Trolley”

Actress Jung Soo-bin will appear in the drama “Trolley” as the successor of Kim Sae-ron, who dropped out after a drunk driving accident.

According to OSEN on June 2nd, Jung Soo-bin received an offer to appear in SBS’ new drama “Trolley” (director Kim Min-kyu, writer Ryu Bo-ri) instead of Kim Sae-ron.

jung soo bin

Jung Soo-bin is an actress who appeared in dramas “Live On”, “Dark Hole”, “Rookie Cops”, “Juvenile Justice” and movies “Freckles”, “Special Lilu”. She played the role of Baek Mi-joo, a young criminal in an unlicensed hit-and-run case, in “Juvenile Justice“.

Earlier, Kim Sae-ron was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, inflicting property damage and fleeing the scene near the Hakdong intersection in Gangnam, Seoul. The police recommended Kim Sae-ron to take a breathalyzer test because the alcohol detector had already tested positive. However, when the police measured her blood alcohol concentration, Kim Sae-ron refused and demanded a blood test. Kim Sae-ron dropped out of the drama “Trolley”, in which she was scheduled to appear, 3 days before the first shoot.

Kim Sae-ron

On May 19th, Kim Sae-ron admitted to and apologized for the drunk driving accident in Gangnam on the morning of May 18th, saying, “I’m sorry to inform you of my position this late after taking care of the accident and damage situation first.” She apologized repeatedly, “My wrong judgment and actions have damaged so many people, including merchants, citizens and restoration workers in nearby shopping malls. The damage caused by the accident is currently being sorted out with the company, and I’ll do my best to communicate and actively solve it.”

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