IZONE’s Nako rumored to be bullied in HKT48, “Someone threw my EarPods into the trash can”

Fans are heartbroken at rumors of Nako being mistreated in HKT48.

After IZ*ONE officially disbanded earlier this year, the members started a new journey with many different plans and intentions. Some people have officially debuted solo, some have become actors, and others are preparing to re-debut in a new girl group. As for the Japanese members, except for Miyawaki Sakura who is currently actively preparing for a new journey in Korea, the other 2 girls have returned to Japan and continue to stick with their old group. 

Yabuki Nako bullied allegations

However, allegations of Yabuki Nako being mistreated and ostracized in the group after returning to Japan have lately stirred up internet forums in Korea. Yabuki Nako returned to her previous role as a member of HKT48 after IZ*ONE disbanded in April of this year. But, following a series of strange happenings, Nako’s followers are left perplexed by concerns regarding how the HKT48 members have treated her.

Yabuki Nako bullied allegations

Yabuki Nako‘s revelation regarding her AirPods was considered to be “the last straw” that prompted netizens to think that the female idol was being bullied. Nako said that she couldn’t find her AirPods for more than a week until finding them in the dorm trash. Many fans began to worry when they realized there was something a little frustrating in the way Nako told this story.

Yabuki Nako bullied allegations

When IZ*ONE was still active, there were times when HKT48 members had implicitly “complained” about Nako being too focused on activities in Korea and almost completely turning into a “Korean girl”. 

In addition, recently Nako also said that she really wants to meet IZ*ONE members.

Yabuki Nako bullied allegations
Yabuki Nako bullied allegations
Nako’s message to Kwon Eunbi: “Eunbi unnie, how are you? I miss you so much… Love you”

Nako returned to Japan and cried while singing IZ*ONE‘s song at the concert. She also wears an in-ear and uses a microphone that Korean fans gave her that day.

Yabuki Nako bullied allegations

In another situation, after Nako returned to Japan, she had to explain a Korean word. However, while explaining the word in Japanese, Nako suddenly switched to explaining it in Korean. Most importantly, it can be seen that the other HKT48 members suddenly turned to look at each other and made a sneer expression. The video recording this situation was then blocked from commenting because there were too many controversial opinions related to the members’ expressions.

Many Korean netizens were angered after rumors regarding Nako spread on online forums, and they couldn’t help but feel sad for what Yabuki Nako had to go through since returning to Japan to work. Many netizens believe Tanaka Miku (who was on the list to participate in “Produce 48” but withdrew before the program aired) – who is renowned for her close friendship with Nako in the group – is the person who urged the other members to bully Nako. Tanaka Miku was heavily criticized when she uploaded an article expressing her joyful mood at the time IZ*ONE had just declared their disbandment.

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