YG young actress Park So-yi has earned great achievements at a young age

Park So-yi won the Best Young Actress at the Golden Cinematography Awards.

Park So-yi held the first-ever trophy in her arms at the 41st Golden Cinematography Film Festival on November 20th for winning the Best Young Actress award with the movie “Pawn”. Park So-yi became the youngest winner of this Best Young Actor category ever since it was created.

Park So-yi

YG Entertainment’s child actress Park So-yi went through a competition with a 1:300 rate to be selected for the role of Seung-yi, who becomes collateral at the age of 9 in “Pawn”. With her pure, lovely charm and sincere passion, Park So-yi touched the hearts of audiences and was given the title “Acting Genius”.

Park So-yi

After winning the Child Actor Award at Golden Film Awards, she said, “I really liked it when I came to the awards ceremony, but I’m also so nervous,” adding, “I’m so happy to receive this award. I’m so happy to receive this award thanks to my family, the director, and all the aunts and uncles I met on the set who have always been with me. Thank you.”

Park So-yi

Park So-yi made a strong impression on the audience by showing unique eye-acting and aura as Yoo Min in the movie “Deliver Us from Evil.” In the drama “High Class,” which recently ended, she played the role of Hwang Jae-in and delicately expressed the complex emotions of the character.

Park So-yi

Park So-yi, who proved her talent by showing solid acting skills at a young age, will appear as the main character Bandi in the original Watcha production “Unframed,” which will be released on the 8th of next month. In addition, she will continue to work hard in a variety of future films, from the movie “Christmas Gift” (working title) to the short film “Tick Tock Tock Tock” and the TVing original “Strange.”


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