Chinese Netizens Analyze the Current ‘Flop’ Situation of Gen 3’s Leading Girl Group – TWICE

Recently, TWICE made a comeback, but it seems like they are no longer receiving any attention from the public.

TWICE released their English single “I Got You” on February 2nd, but the song’s chart performance, both domestically and internationally, has been disappointing. Despite their strong fanbase, the track debuted at #130 on Spotify and #127 on the Artist chart, drawing concerns about TWICE’s current standing compared to their peak years of 2016-2018. Critics have questioned JYP Entertainment’s management as TWICE’s comeback frequency hasn’t been able to sustain their earlier momentum.


Recently, Chinese netizens have been discussing and pinpointing the reasons for the decline of the JYP girl group.

  • In the past, the group attracted too many fanboys, and everyone knows fanboys.
  • Because they previously succeeded with a girlfriend image, as they age and get involved in dating scandals, it’s like a death sentence for the group.
  • The terrible “More and More” encore caused many fans to leave. Moreover, two members were involved in dating rumors.
  • During their peak period, they came back too often and then lost the sense of freshness. After the sweet style became outdated, the group switched to a different concept that the public didn’t like. Finally, the dating rumors accelerated the departure of fans.
  • Fanboys are more determined but smarter than fangirls. They leave when they see their idol dating. Fangirls only know how to foolishly defend male idols, even if their sister-in-law is pregnant, even if there are many sister-in-laws, or if the idol commits a crime, they still try to protect.
  • Dating only causes a reduction in loyal fans. Why is the flop blamed on the gender of the fandom? When the group was at its peak, they used fanboys for marketing. After the “More and More” comeback and the dating rumors, they could still make it to the top 10 of the charts. Clearly, the encore and the issue of talent caused the group’s image to collapse in Korea, and the public no longer expects anything from them. In the end, the reason for the flop lies in JYP’s strategy, not the fans.

Source: Weibo

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