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Kakao TV to launch new survival program: The real-life version of ‘Squid Game’?

Kakao Entertainment is openly recruiting cast members to participate in ‘Surviving Men and Women’ with a total prize of 100 million won.

Kakao TV’s ‘Surviving Men and Women: A Divided World’ is a real survival program in which men and women are divided into teams and compete for a fierce 10-day survival in an environment separated from the world. After the survival, the team that wins according to the rules will receive a prize of 100 million won.

Surviving Men and Women

Any healthy male and female over the age of 19 can participate. You can submit the application form through the e-mail provided on the official account by October 20th.

The production team shared, “Anyone who has strong will and passion to challenge their limits through a fight with themselves in an extreme environment can take part in the program.”

Surviving Men and Women

The production team plans to start filming next month after selecting the final participants among applicants. The program is scheduled to be broadcast at the end of this year.

Source: Dispatch

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