Even lower than “Woo Young-woo,” KBS weekend drama lost its reputation as “Three Bold Siblings” received the worst rating

“Three Bold Siblings” has a viewer rating of less than 20%, the worst result in the past 7 years for a KBS weekend drama.

“KBS2’s weekend dramas are invincible” seems to have become an old saying. This is because “Three Bold Siblings” is struggling with a rating of less than 20%. There is no chance of a rebound as the drama has been shunned by even its solid viewers.

Three Bold Siblings

“Three Bold Siblings” is the story of “Love and War” in Korean families in which the K-first daughter, who had to yield and mature early for the family, and the K-first son, who had to support his family as a pillar, meet to find their happiness.

The first episode of “Three Bold Siblings,” featuring the subject of the eldest daughter and eldest son, is infuriating. Because she is the eldest daughter, she has to give up her apartment under her name to be her younger brother’s newlywed house. As a result, it was revealed she had to take care of her other younger brothers in the remarried family  of her father while studying to meet her mother’s expectations. At the same time, she declared that she would no longer tolerate it and expressed her enthusiasm to find her family, her uncle.

However, unlike director Park Man-young’s words that he tried to make a “comfortable drama,” “Three Bold Siblings” was not only full of cheating affair storylines but also spent most of his time on the clumsy fake relationship between Lim Joo-hwan (played by Lee Sang-joon) and his first love Lee Ha-na (played by Kim Tae-joo).

Three Bold Siblings

In particular, the story of Lee Ha-na’s younger brother, Kim So-eun (played by Kim So-rim) and Lee Yoo-jin (played by Kim Gun-woo), both of whom are dating, is full of absurdity. Yang Dae-hyuk (played by Cho Nam-soo) shamelessly dated Kim Ji-an (played by Shin Ji-hye) even though he is married to Kim So-eun, and Lee Yoo-jin’s girlfriend Oh Ha-nui (played by Min Yu-ri) lived with her health trainer even before dating him.

Three Bold Siblings

Also, the role of a proper villain, who is a must-have in every weekend drama, is ambiguous. The unique overly dramatic details were removed, but it is hard to erase the boredom left by the empty part. This has destroyed the fun of cursing while watching these overly dramatic weekend dramas. In the dilemma of being cursed at no matter if there are dramatic plots or not, the “Three Bold Siblings” lost the way.

This is proved by the ratings. The rating of the first episode of “Three Bold Siblings” was 20.5%, which was worse than the 24,5% of the first episode of “Beautiful Now.” 

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Since then, “Three Bold Siblings” fell to the 10% range in three episodes, and recorded 16.9% in five episodes, showing its lowest ratings. This is the lowest number since the 9th episode (13.6%) of “Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful,” but it is also the worst performance in seven years since the first episode of “Please Mom” (14.9%), as the broadcast time was delayed by an hour due to the broadcast of Game 4 of the 2019 Korean Series.

This is even lower than ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which recorded the highest viewer rating of 17.5% among this year’s miniseries, and is similar to “One Dollar Lawyer,” which currently has more than 15%.

After “Beautiful Now,” some say that KBS weekend dramas are in a crisis. Concerns are growing as KBS faces a situation that is worse than its failing mini-series ratings where the “Three Bold Siblings” failed to rebound.

Sources: Naver

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