Karina’s Quick Response To Prevent Winter’s Exposure “As Expected From aespa’s Leader”

aespa once again displayed their strong bond and unity, with Karina’s quick response garnering attention

On Sep 26th, aespa conducted a live broadcast on SNS. During the broadcast, there was a potential mishap involving Winter. Karina smoothly handled by naturally covering Winter, earning praise for her adept response.

Members Karina and Giselle comfortably interacted with fans and shared their day. Winter also joined them during the broadcast.


As Winter approached to sit down, the length of her dress was inadvertently revealed, which could have led to an uncomfortable situation depending on the angle.

At this moment, Karina quickly noticed the situation and discreetly raised her shoulder to shield Winter, preventing any undue attention. Karina carefully adjusted the camera position to ensure that Winter’s dress did not attract unnecessary focus, allowing the cheerful atmosphere to continue.

Fans have been responding positively to Karina’s swift response and considerate actions.


Meanwhile, on Sep 25th (local time), aespa kicked off their European tour by holding “aespa LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘SYNK: HYPER LINE'” in Berlin, Germany. aespa is set to continue their European tour with a concert in London, England on Sep 28th.

Earlier this month, aespa appeared on American terrestrial channel ABC’s signature morning show “Good Morning America” and met North American fans.

Furthermore, aespa is gearing up for a VR concert at the Megabox COEX in Seoul. This VR concert will be held from Oct 25th to the end of November.

Source: Nate

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