Karina Expresses Concern Over HMA Accidents, “Please Follow The Lead Of The Bodyguards”

aespa’s Karina was worried when witnessing the accidents due to the lack of safety measures at the 2023 HMA

On the evening of February 18th, the 31st Hanteo Music Awards was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Jung-gu, Seoul. Hosted by TVXQ’s Max Changmin, the two-day event was attended by various artists, such as YB, Daybreak, Parc Jae-jung, NCT DREAM, ATEEZ, aespa, ZB1, Kiss Of Life, TripleS, 8TURN, etc.

hanteo music awards

The atmosphere at the awards ceremony was heated up with spectacular stages. However, complaints poured out on social media regarding various incidents that turned the event into chaos. Artists’ expressions were also captured in fantaken videos.

Problems occurred as the Standing area was not well-managed so the crowds were concentrated on the side of the artists’ seats. Witnessing the chaotic scene in front of their eyes, artists also tried to ask fans to keep the order and a safe distance. Netizens were impressed to see some idols standing up to guide fans to step back and calm the crowds.

hanteo music awards karina

Among them, Karina’s expressions of concern drew admiration. When aespa took the stage to receive Best Trend Leader Award, Karina emphasized, “Thank you for coming to see us up close. I hope you follow the lead of the bodyguards. It would be better if people behind there took one step back together. Please enjoy the awards ceremony safely.”

hanteo music awards

The scene in which Karina made a gesture asking the audience to step back was captured in photos and videos. In particular, Karina observed the crowds with a serious face, proving that the female idol was very worried.

In addition to Karina, YB Yoon Do-hyun also guided the Standing audience to go backward, saying “This side (in front of the artists’ seats) is too crowded, so people at the front are having a hard time. I want you guys behind them to take a step back”. ZB1’s Sung Han-bin and ATEEZ’s Hong-joong also showed their concern about the accidents at the event even during their acceptance speeches.

Source: Nate

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