BTS Jin, a smart entertainment genius who is “hard carrying” Run BTS

In the latest episode of “Run BTS”, BTS Jin captivated fans with his charming appearance and witty personality. 

On August 16th, BTS released a new episode of their entertainment program “Run BTS!”, posting on their official channel BTS TV a video titled “Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – Telepathy Part 1”.

The video showed Jin wearing a white and blue striped shirt, which complements his broad shoulders, as well as a neat hairstyle that can make people’s hearts flutter.

bts jin

To celebrate the end of a 10-month break for the show, Jin presented honey and fruits for the other BTS members, who thanked Jin and said that they ate well. 

In “Telepathy Part 1”, BTS members were tested on how well they know each other by playing various games. 

The first segment had the members completing an answer to a given question by writing one letter at the time. Here, Jin quickly answered the question with his excellent wit and presented his fans with a happy smile with his sense.

The second segment was a mission where BTS would succeed if all members made the same pose one on a given topic. The first topic of this segment was “a person who dropped a cell phone on his face while lying down”, to which Jin posed with a frowning face and hands rising up to cover his face. 

bts jin

Other laugh-inducing topics include: “I was playing a game in the PC room and the power went off’ – to which Jin stood up while hitting the desk with both hands, and “I thought I won the lottery but I checked the results of the wrong date” – to which Jin showed a look of regret as he held a lottery ticket on one hand.

The show then moved on to a different challenge, where after seeing a mission paper given by the production team, each BTS member moves to a place that comes to mind, and the members who move to the same place can move together in the next round. The mission will be successfully completed if all 7 members gather in one place. 

bts jin

After receiving the mission of “Let’s gather at a place of our memories, and if we don’t gather, we’ll regard it as having no memories”, Jin decided to go to BTS’ first dorm in Nonhyeon-dong, climbing in his car and saying: “Fighting, friends!”. 

Later on, Jin agrees to another member, who said that all of them should leave a not in their visited place, and go to a completely different location so as to not stay in the same place place by JYP. 

bts jin

Watching the show, fans called Jin a “hard carry” and their “happiness vitamin”, as well as left comments like “I’m so excited for the next episode”, “35 minutes passed in an instant while watching Seokjin’s face”, and “Our cute Seokjini, he’s so smart”, etc.

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