“Thank you for not showing any sign of tiredness when working with us”… The Daycare Center thanks Lee Joon-ho and reveals more of his good deeds

After 2PM Lee Jun-ho’s silent good deed was reported, an official at the daycare center, where Jun-ho worked as a social service agent, praised and thanked the male idol through the media.

On April 22nd, Yang Kyung-mo, manager of the Sungmin Dream Daycare Center, said to SBS Entertainment News reporters in a telephone conversation, “The nephew of a staff member from our center wrote about Lee Jun-ho. No one expected it to become such a hot topic”, adding, “I feel so good to know how much Lee Joon-ho cared for us”.

Lee Junho

Lee Joon-ho began serving as a social service agent at the daycare center in Seocho-gu, Seoul in June 2019. Manager Yang said he still remembers his first meeting with Lee Joon-ho so clearly, saying, “I thought famous stars would only visit these kinds of centers and do some light tasks, but I was wrong. Lee Jun-ho was really passionate. He took some friends, who have moving difficulties, bad eyesight, etc., to do outdoor activities and took care of them carefully. He held their hands and kept wiping the saliva of a friend who couldn’t stop drooling. I felt more thankful that he did not show any sign of tiredness”.

Lee Junho

It is known that Lee Joon-ho donated a full-size van worth 30 million won to the center in October 2019. Regarding this, manager Yang said, “The center had no vehicle at that time since it had just been established. By chance, Lee Joon-ho carefully asked us, ‘Can I sponsor the vehicles?’. He made the deposit right after we agreed. I was just so grateful for that”.

Manager Yang also revealed that Lee Joon-ho was really famous with the disabled at the center. Even after he finished his social service at the center, our members even showed support for Lee Joon-ho with his commercials and dramas. 

Lee Junho

Manager Yang also shared, “Lee Joon-ho never missed any camping events at the center. He could have used his days off for vacation but he spent those times visiting the center. Lee Joon-ho must be really sensitive to noise since he’s a singer but I remembered he took great care of friends who kept screaming. Many members of the center still remember him and point at him whenever we look back on old pictures”.

In addition, Lee Joon-ho sent 10 pizzas to the center on April 20th for the celebration of the Day of Disabled Persons. It is known that he has constantly kept in touch with the center’s manager. Manager Yang said, “Even though we had already received so much from Lee Joon-ho, he messaged us, ‘I hope I can be more helpful to you in the future.’ I was deeply moved by the fact that he doesn’t forget our relationship.”

Lee Junho

Lastly, manager Yang thanked Lee Joon-ho, saying their celebration became more meaningful thanks to him. On behalf of all the employees and members of the center, manager Yang said, “Through this warm story, I hope that disabled and non-disabled will be able to live in a happy society together”.

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