Ryu Jun-yeol X Chopard photoshoot with the theme of a “sustainable journey” has been released

The November issue of men’s fashion magazine GQ Korea revealed Ryu Jun-yeol’s photoshoot in collaboration with Chopard.

The meeting between the famous Swiss luxury watch & jewelry brand Chopard and Ryu Jun-yeol started with the value of “sustainability”.

Since July 2018, Chopard has been constantly doing research about environmental issues and making all its watch and jewelry products with ethically mined gold. The Alpine Eagle Watch, which was made with Lucent Steel A223, was also used as a steel material mined in an ethical way.

Ryu Jun-yeol was impressed by Chopard’s idea about nature and also gave his opinions on things for the environment. Through these pictorials, he wants to deliver the value and message of “sustainability” that we are pursuing.

In the released photos, Ryu Jun-yeol completed the moment of a sustainable journey by pulling off Chopard Men’s Watch Lines L.U.C, Alpine Eagle and Mille Miglia Collection in his own style against the backdrop of calm natural scenes.

In the cut that shows Ryu Jun-yeol looking far away while standing in front of an autumn dry reed field, the actor wears the L.U.C 1937 Classic Watch, which was created with Chopard’s watchmaking passion, tradition, and innovation.

The photo in which Ryu Jun-yeol climbs on the ladder and stars at the wonders of nature shows him wearing the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25, the first jumping hour watch to be presented by Chopard on its 25th anniversary. 

In addition, the image with Ryu Jun-yeol wearing an eye-catching brown knit introduces the men’s luxury sports watch L.U.C. Time Traveler One Black, the world’s first travel watch that is made using innovative material Grade 5 Ceramic Titanium.

The unique cut in which Ryu Jun-yeol stands on a rock and does a strange pose, Chopard’s Mille Miglia Collection watch, which combines race-inspired sports sense, original charms and vintage details, is seen highlighting the fingertips of the model. 

In addition, Ryu Jun-yeol also matches a watch from the Alpine Eagle Timepiece Collection, which is inspired by ice sculptures and made of ethical gold, with his sophisticated and delicate style.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun-yeol x Chopard photoshoot can be found on GQ Korea’s November issue, website and SNS accounts.

Source: insight

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