Kang Min-kyung, who recently purchased a building at a high price, reported her recent situation

Kang Min-kyung revealed her busy days filled with preparations for moving her brand’s office.

On Oct 9th, a video titled “Busy with a lot of things, Kang Min-kyung Vlog” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Kyang Ming-kyung.” In the video, Kang Min-kyung revealed her hectic daily life.

Kang Min-kyung said, “This vlog is about the past three or four months. I lost my daily life because I had so much work that I only sleep at home these days. That’s why I inevitably have to make a Vlog with a short videos only,” she said.

The following short clips showed Kang Min-kyung’s various daily life moments, one of which was when Kang Min-kyung held a meeting to discuss the interior related to her brand’s new building.

Kang Min-kyung said, “It feels like only yesterday that I was busy in my first office which was about 20 pyeong,” adding, “Didn’t the team members here see all the changes? We had a company dinner a while ago, and everyone cried. I’m in tears,” she said.

The new building, which is in the midst of interior preparations, was also unveiled. Kang Min-kyung looked inside the building and said, “I will show you every inch of it on an online office tour soon.”

kang min kyung

After the meeting, Kang Min-kyung had a company dinner with the interior team. Kang Min-kyung introduced an acquaintance who worked on several projects, including her brand’s first showroom and Lee Hae-ri’s villa, and explained, “I have raise several buildings with this hand.”

Meanwhile, Kang Min-kyung recently bought a 6.5 billion won building in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, drawing attention.

Source: Wikitree

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