Seo Yeji’s past bullying scandals brought back to light

Seo Ye Ji’s scandal of manipulating ex-boyfriend is even more hot when numerous bullying scandals from the past resurface!

In recent days, Seo Ye Ji has become the focus of attention after being accused of manipulating her ex-boyfriend, actor Kim Jung Hyun. After the company confirmed that the actress once dated Kim Jung Hyun, people were even more shocked when they discovered that in 2014, some netizens accused the female actress of bullying her schoolmates. 

Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun

On The Qoo, comments exposing Seo Ye Ji’s past appeared more and more, causing people to be confused.  In the denunciation post, an anonymous netizen revealed: “There was a girl who got smacked around in front of everyone by Seo Ye Ji. She’s a mom now.” 

Accordingly, Seo Ye Ji was accused of being a notorious ‘iljin’ at school, often hitting people she didn’t like in front of her friends. And yet, another netizen accused Seo Ye Ji of bullying and stealing money from friends: “She (Seo Ye Ji) would go around with her girls, but if she decided she didn’t like you, she would start hitting you. She treated people like they were her belongings.

An anonymous post from 2014 also accused Seo Ye Ji of having plastic surgery.  This person also exposed that Seo Ye Ji’s image on TV was wholly ‘fake’.  

After being denounced by this netizen, the female actress uploaded photos of her school days with the caption: “What’s important, this is my childhood.” In 2015, Seo Ye Ji uploaded old photos with the caption “bright 17-year-old girl” which made the victim extremely angry.

An article was posted in 2014

Source: Theqoo

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