Had he followed his father’s advice, perhaps Roy Kim wouldn’t have been involved in Jung Joon Young’s scandal

It was Roy Kim who shared that his father advised him not to play with Jung Joon Young.

This is another sad news is for those who have devoted their hearts to a handsome singer who sings the beautiful sad ballad and is seemingly innocent, but now suspected of being related to the most shocking sex filming scandal in the Korean showbiz. Roy Kim – Jung Joon Young’s best friend was identified as the famous singer Kim in the Jung Joon Young, Seungri sex chat room and his friends.

Roy Kim is currently being investigated by the police and will soon receive the final statement. But before reading the conclusions from the police, the fans of the male singers have been disappointed and shocked by this information. Because during the two months of the scandal, Roy Kim was already suspected by netizens from the start. But after a lot of information was released, there was no evidence that Roy Kim was involved. Many people are very confident and hope for this famous singer will be innocent.

However, Roy Kim was so close to Jung Joon Young that it was difficult not to get involved. Even his father once advised his son not to play with Jung Joon Young.

But he didn’t listen …

It was Roy Kim who shared the actual story about his father’s advice about Jung Joon Young: “You shouldn’t be friends with him” (referring to Jung Joon Young)

Specifically, Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young are known to be extremely close friends. Ever since joining “Super Star K” in 2015, both have been famous and even have a legendary performance in this competition.

The best friends then joined lots of reality shows together, one of which is “Flower Boy Romance”. Jung Joon Young had picked Roy Kim to be his travel companion on the show. When being asked about his friendship with Jung Joon Young, Roy Kim had said: “My dad once told me not to mingle with Jung Joon Young”!!!

Maybe, at the moment, Roy Kim is regretting for not listening to his father. The way our parents judge people is usually not wrong. And what kind of person Jung Joon Young is, the whole South Korea all know now. Jung Joon Young is currently facing his own crime after affected many who are in the same group chat.

The lesson we’ve all learned after the story of Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young: Listen to your parents!

Roy Kim is very close with Jung Joon Young

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