Ok Taek Yeon and Won Ji An to appear in “My Heart Beats” – Romance between a vampire and a cold-blooded human

Actors Ok Taek Yeon and Won Ji An have confirmed their appearance in KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “My Heart Beats.”

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “My Heart Beats” (literal title) (written by Kim Ha Na, Jung Seung Joo, directed by Lee Hyun Seok, Lee Min Soo) is a romantic drama in which half-vampire Sun Woo Hyul and human Joo In Hae, who is unable to understand the beauty of being a human, started living together and found love on the way.

Ok Taek Yeon will play the role of Sun Woo Hyul, a half-vampire. Sun Woo Hyul is a crazy man who stays inside a cave and eats only mugwort and garlic in order to become a human being. This character has a special reason why he desperately wants to become a human being.


Ok Taek Yeon has been accumulating his filmography and showing his solid acting skills regardless of genre and role in “Blind,” “Secret Royal Inspector and Joy” and “Vincenzo.” This time, he is expected to transform into a vampire character in “My Heart Beats.”

On the other hand, Won Ji An has been showing a stable career as an actress by appearing in “If You Wish Upon Me,” “Hope or Dope” and “D.P.”. She will play the fixed-term school nurse and guest house owner Joo In Hae.

won ji an

Joo In Hae is a strong-willed character who is rumored to not even bleed if she is stabbed due to her hard life. However, she slowly leanrs how to be a humane person while staying with Sun Woo Hyul. Fans are curious to see how Won Ji An will build such a cold-blooded character.

Meanwhile, “My Heart Beats” will begin production in earnest with the aim of airing in the first half of this year.

Source: My Daily

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