Jennie and other Kpop stars who can perfectly show both cute and sexy sides

These Kpop idols can make anyone’s heart flutter even with their cute or sexy style

Instead of just showing only the sexy side or the cute side, why not show both sides if possible? Most of the girl groups in K-pop have tried these two styles in their careers. However, not everyone fits both of them. So, do you know any K-pop female idols who can perfectly take on both of these styles? If you haven’t already, you should read this article.

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon has pursued a cute image since her debut

Since her debut, cute has been the trademark of the singer born in 1989, who has light skin and two extremely cute chubby cheeks.  Taeyeon at that time was not only loved by fans, but also by her colleagues who were also fascinated by her cuteness.  That is a story of the past, but now at the age of 33, Taeyeon has become sexier and sexier with a different aura. 

She becomes more sexy and attractive at the age of 33

Until now, the audience must still be fascinated by her promotional photos for the 3rd Full Album INVU, which was released in mid-February. The two styles are very different, but in general, it suits SNSD’s leader very well. If Taeyeon returns to the cute style, she will still be as cute as before.  But her sexy, mature image is now being loved by the public.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy with cute poses

Joy also regularly shows two opposing sides of herself.  With a cute style, Joy is so pretty with her bright smile and happy face.

Joy really knows how to show off her body charm with sexy outfits

In terms of beautiful style, the beauty born in 1996 will immediately captivate everyone with her gorgeous body. Joy has such a gifted beauty, with a flawless face, body, and aura.

Sana (TWICE)

Charismatic Sana 2
Cuteness has been Sana’s strong point since her first debuted

TWICE’s Sana is so cute but don’t think she’ll have a hard time showing off her sexy style.  Regardless of style, Sana can captivate anyone.  Cute is Sana’s strength right from her debut.  However, when she tried her seductive style, she was also very attractive.

Moreover, Sana also has a hot body and attractive curves.  The advantage of her body makes Sana stand out when she shows her sexy side.



Jennie is often caught in cute moments

Every time having the opportunity to see BLACKPINK’s fansign photos or reality TV shows, fans are surprised by how cute Jennie is because the image of this 1996-born beauty is completely different from her cool image on stage. 

When on stage, Jennie looks like a classy and cool lady.  However, when participating in reality shows, the female rapper showed her opposite side.  At these times, Jennie often looks like a baby with adorable mandu cheeks.

Jennie Blackpink
Jennie is one of the idols that can fit both styles

Nancy (Momoland)

Nancy suits her cute style very well

Although Momoland no longer retains the same popularity as before, Nancy is still worthy of being one of the best visuals of Gen 3. Her doll-like face and attractive body are a great “gift” to help her showing both sexy and cute styles. 

This year, Nancy is only 22 years old and the audience hopes that after ending her contract with Momoland and her old company, Nancy will join a better new company so that her potential can be fully exploited.  

Nancy promises to be more explosive in the future because she is still very young

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