K-netizens react to BTS being mocked by other artists early in their career

To achieve the success they have today, BTS has gone through various difficulties of being underestimated and mocked.

On July 9th, a topic titled, “The incident in which BTS received a great mental shock” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing huge attention. 

In particular, the topic attached an excerpt for BTS’ recently-released biography book, in celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary. Titled “Along the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS”, the book summarizes the group’s glorious journey, including notable achievements, cherished memories, and profound experiences.


However, alongside the glories, BTS also went through many ups and downs, as unveiled by the aforementioned excerpt. 

In particular, a quote from j-hope stated, “We had an extremely difficult time when promoting ‘Danger’. After releasing the album ‘DARK&WILD’ and coming back with ‘Danger,’ we participated in a music program that was announcing the winner. This happened after we had finished about 20 pre-recordings for a different music program. We were told to be on stage for the live broadcast, so we followed suit. However, we were shocked to discover that we weren’t even nominated for the winning spot.”

V also explained the situation, saying, “It was fine that another artist was nominated for the first spot. We just needed to work harder. However, every time we went to the broadcasting station, we always greeted everyone, whether seniors or juniors. But there were people who ignored our greetings and even mocked us for not being nominated for the first place.”


“After the broadcast, when we were traveling together in the same car… some of us cried, while others got angry. Some members were even speechless because they couldn’t find the words to express the sadness and unfairness. That’s when we thought, ‘We have to succeed so that no one can look down on us.’ We were determined and gathered together with the same will to become the great group we are today”, V also added.

Upon reading about the hardships that BTS faced, many were touched by the boy group’s hard work and resilience. At the same time, some expressed their frustration, and left comments in sympathy with BTS. 

Original post: theqoo

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • To think something like that happened… The entertainment industry is indeed scary
  • It’s so amazing that BTS has reached where they are today with such strong feelings. I will always support and love you guys
  • I heard that idols are mocked a lot. 
  • My idol is also from a small and medium-sized company, so when they were rookies, they got cut off from a lot of stages, and acted as the background most of the time. It’s so amazing to see BTS achieving their current success. I think it is something to be proud of, especially for fans who has always shown unwavering support
  • Success is the best revenge. Now, it must be awkward for them to meet those artist and broadcasting stations that used to mock them
  • I’m glad that BTS has succeeded. Those artists who ignored them were so mean..
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