BTS Fans Are Going Too Far to Defend BTS, Said Korean Netizens 

Recent actions taken by BTS fans in defense of their idols have sparked mixed opinions among Korean netizens. 

In recent days, turmoil has surrounded HYBE and its affiliated groups due to the HYBE-ADOR feud. Additionally, BTS was dragged into the mess, facing accusations of being associated with a cult, chart manipulation, and even concept plagiarism. 

BTS is caught in the crossfire amid the HYBE-ADOR feud.

On May 2, BTS’s name was somewhat cleared when the leaders behind the cult “Dahn World” spoke up, clarifying rumors and asserting that it has no association with HYBE and BTS. Meanwhile, Big Hit Music also issued a statement denying the allegations, alongside announcing intentions to gather evidence and take legal action to stop defamatory acts damaging BTS’s reputation.

Nevertheless, the fiasco left BTS fans extremely angry, particularly showing strong opposition to HYBE. 

As a result, on May 3, the fandom of BTS collectively sent funeral flower wreaths and protest trucks to HYBE headquarters. The flower wreaths bear harsh criticisms such as “The most incompetent management company in the industry…”; “When needed, it’s our BTS. When times get tough, they’re pulled out to be used as shields”; “Continuous risks from the management company. Urging BTS to break away from HYBE”, and so on.

fan bts
BTS fans sent funeral flower wreaths full of scathing messages to HYBE headquarters

At the same time. the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced an investigation into allegations of music chart manipulation involving BTS. On top of this, some complaints have also been filed with the ministry requesting revocation of BTS’s honorary citations due to the aforementioned allegations. This “tense situation” has further infuriated the international fandom of BTS.

fan bts
International ARMYs (fans of BTS) trend the hashtag “South Korea apologize to BTS”

As a result, on May 5th, international ARMYs (fans of BTS)  “trended” the keyword “South Korea apologize to BTS.” This action by the group’s fans has sparked intense debate within the K-pop community.

Are BTS fans taking it too far?

With consecutive strong actions to protect their idols, many started to accuse BTS fans of “going too far”. 

Of course, they have the right to be angry, given that despite BTS’s enlistment, the boy group are still being needlessly dragged into HYBE’s turmoil.

fan bts

Nevertheless, fans’ sending of funeral flower wreaths and demand for the whole South Korea to apologize have sparked criticisms from Korean netizens, who fired back on forums like Instiz and theqoo. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Placing their idols on top of a whole country, who do they think they are?
  • The foreign fans over there are really scary and disgusting. That’s some cult-like behavior 
  • Why should an entire country apologize to one group?
  • Wow the fans are acting like national disgrace 
  • It’s one thing to be defending your favorite idols, but this is going too far 
  • Leave Korea alone

Source: K14, Instiz, theqoo

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