Daesung Sincerely Answers Questions About BIGBANG, “No Plan For Group Concert”

Daesung did not hesitate to talk about his group BIGBANG in the latest episode of his online content “ZIP Daesung”

In the new episode of “Zip Daesung” released on May 24th, Daesung visited one of the sushi restaurants he often visits in Osaka and spent time answering questions sent by his YouTube subscribers. In particular, most of the questions were about BIGBANG.

The first question was, “What happened to BIGBANG?”. Daesung replied, “It turns out to be like that. You will never know what will happen in the future. I can’t tell exactly what will happen”.


Daesung continued, “I’ll talk about this cautiously and what I’m saying does not reflect any ideas or opinions of other BIGBANG members”, adding “I think we will continue promoting ourselves the way we can as solo artists for the time being. Later, at some point in the future, we will perform together again on the same stage when there’s a chance”.

Will BIGBANG make a comeback? This is definitely what fans and netizens are curious about the most. In response, Daesung said, “I’m not sure about what may happen. We are all very careful about mentioning it. At this moment, we haven’t discussed returning as BIGBANG”.


He added, “It doesn’t mean we exclude this topic as if it will never happen or we never talk about the future of BIGBANG”.

The production staff commented that many fans are waiting to see BIGBANG holding a concert. Hearing that, Daesung honestly said, “No, we don’t have any plan to hold a BIGBANG concert”.

BIGBANG is one of the most successful K-pop boy groups in history. Not only in Korea, their name spread to Asia and around the world. However, they have stopped doing activities as a whole group for a long time. Instead, the members are focusing on their individual activities. While fans are hoping for BIGBANG’s reunion one day, the members and their agencies have never given a clear answer about BIGBANG’s future.

Source: K14

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