Song Hye Kyo reveals a tattoo, netizens wonder if she’s ready to move past the delicate image to go bold?

The tattoo on Song Hye Kyo’s hand is gaining much attention on the online communities.

Since her debut, Song Hye Kyo has been well-known as one of the most gorgeous Korean actresses. She is associated with the soft, fragile, elegant and feminine image because of her appearance. The actress rarely wears daring and revealing outfits, always sticks to dark hair and is loyal to the natural and light makeup look that enhances her delicate facial features.

After many years of working in the industry, it seems that Song Hye Kyo would never pursue a rebellious and risky image. However, recently, netizens have spotted an unexpected detail on her hand. In many photos, she reveals a small tattoo on her wrist.  Because most of the photos are quite blurry, many netizens guess that it is either a flower or a phrase with special meaning.

Song Hye Kyo
The actress unexpectedly reveals a small tattoo on her right arm 

Fans are excited that Song Hye Kyo got a tattoo and believe that the actress is moving past her usual image and becoming bolder. However, many netizens claim that this could just be a fake tattoo for her character in the upcoming drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. Although nothing is certain, her tattoo is still a hot topic among netizens. 

Song Hye Kyo
Previously, there was no tattoo seen on Song Hye Kyo’s hand
Song Hye Kyo
Fans are excited to see her tattoo, but many netizens doubt if it’s a real tattoo or just a temporary one for filming


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