Lawyer “Lee Sun-kyun Drug Investigation? It Was Unusual”

On a broadcast on Dec 27th, lawyer Jang expressed anger at the disclosure of Lee Sun-kyun’s real name during the police’s internal investigation.

Lawyer Jang stated, “It’s necessary to address that the police investigation wasn’t ordinary. It shouldn’t have been revealed this much in the media during the internal investigation stage. The internal investigation stage is a situation in which even a case number hasn’t been assigned. It’s at a level where it’s considered whether to look into it as a rumor or a clue to a crime. It shouldn’t have been widely reported.”

She added, “Even if it’s a famous person, no Korean citizen should know about an internal investigation like this. It was just in the form of a tip-off and a simple drug test was conducted, but nothing came out. In this aspect, investigation agencies in Korea should thoroughly review whether they’re conducting a proper investigation.”

Meanwhile, on Dec 27th, Lee Sun-kyun, aged 48, was found dead inside a car near Waryong Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Source: Wikitree

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