Kai apologized to the passenger in the same elevator due to his blood-covered face: “I didn’t know it looked that bad”

Musical actor Kai apologized to the elevator passenger due to his bloody makeup.

Musical actor Kai posted a photo on his SNS on Dec 29th with a caption saying, “I apologize to the residents who were in the same elevator as me. I didn’t know it would look this bad. #Monster #Leaving_work_on_time.”

musical actor kai

The released photo showed Kai’s elevator selfie. Kai, who plays two roles of the Creature and Henry in the musical “Frankenstein,” appeared in the elevator without removing his monster makeup. As he realized his bloody makeup that was not covered by his mask attracted attention, Kai apologized directly to the residents who must have been surprised as soon as he got into the elevator, making people laugh.

Meanwhile, the musical “Frankenstein,” starring Kai, will be held at Shinhan Card Hall in Blue Square until February 20th.

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