Song sung by Park Yeon Jin once banned in Korea, adding to “The Glory” haunting atmosphere

The song sung by Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) in this haunting scene of “The Glory” was a previously banned song in Korea.

After a lot of anticipation, “The Glory” Part 2 has finally been released.

As expected, the drama delivered a satisfying conclusion as the antagonists, particularly the main villain Park Yeon Jin, all paid the price for their crimes.

the glory

One of the most haunting scenes in “The Glory” Part 2 shows Park Yeon Jin alone in a dark room, singing “Two Of Us” while knowing she was about to face punishment for her crimes. This scene left viewers wondering about the song and its origin.

Lim Ji Yeon The glory

It turns out that “Two Of Us” is a song by Chaeyeon, a singer dubbed as the “sexy queen” of Korea. The music video, released in 2004, was banned from daytime broadcast in Korea due to its explicit content. The ban was eventually lifted, but only after 10 pm KST.

Even after almost 20 years, “Two Of Us” is still considered one of the hottest music videos in Kpop history, with Korean netizens blushing whenever they revisit the clip. And with the song’s use in “The Glory”, its legacy continues to grow.

The use of “Two Of Us” in “The Glory” adds to the overall haunting atmosphere, making it an even more memorable experience for viewers.

Chaeyeon performed “Two of Us” in a more “discreet” version in 2020

Source: k14.

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